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Immersal Acquired by Hexagon

We are proud to announce that Immersal Ltd has been acquired by Hexagon AB as a fully owned subsidiary.

Our mission to enable Spatial Mapping and Visual Positioning to everyone, everywhere and on every device does not change and we will continue to serve our existing customers with vastly increased resources. All services will continue as usual, including the free developer licensing.

The acquisition brings additional resources in R&D, Sales, Marketing and Customer Support.
You can expect us to be even more agile and responsive.

Here is a link to the full press release

We look forward to continue developing the best Spatial Mapping and Visual Positioning tools for you!

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1. Map

Use your mobile device to map a space and create a 3D digital twin of a real-world location.

2. Augment

Add digital layers to enrich the real world.

3. Experience

Users can access the experiences on any AR-capable mobile device or with glasses.

Start building AR experiences today.

The Immersal SDK lets you map large, real-world spaces and then augment them with digital content. These environments and scenarios can then be experienced by anyone on an AR-capable mobile device or with glasses.

AR is a powerful tool that can be used by enterprises, brands and people to save time and money, engage and delight, and do things that have never been possible.

Want to get started?

Get the Immersal Mapper app at the App Store or Google Play!

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The tech.

Turn any space into an immersive AR experience.

The Immersal SDK is the only market-proven AR solution for large spaces.

If you’re looking to create markerless, persistent, battery-friendly and massively multiuser AR applications, you’re definitely in the right place.

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Want to add fast, accurate and battery-friendly AR features to your app?

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Use cases.


Revolutionize training and empower your workforce. Save time, cut costs, train and work more efficiently.

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Public Spaces.

Create a digital twin of any real-life space and add layers of information and content that deepen the user experience, add valuable information, inspire action and more.

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Gamify any space or place, deepening engagement, adding value and sparking joy along the way. Add fun AR layers, multiplayer interactive elements, contests, ad campaign mechanisms, and more.

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