The only mar­ket-proven
AR solu­tion for large spaces.

Build immer­sive AR envi­ron­ments where dig­i­tal worlds merge with the real one. Trans­form how peo­ple work, play, shop, and inter­act with the world around them.

Develop the future.

Use the Immersal SDK to build centimeter-accurate, persistent multiuser AR applications that can be used on AR-capable mobile devices and with glasses.

The Immersal Mapper app lets you create location-aware spatial environments on any mobile device. You can then add a wide range of interactive AR layers to them, for example in Unity.

Turn any location into a gamified experience. Create applications that engage consumers in ways never possible before. Build augmented solutions that save time, money and work in industrial settings. And much more.

The Immersal SDK.

  • Fast visual positioning with low system overhead
  • Positioning works both offline on-device and online in the cloud
  • Available for iOS, Android, and many headsets such as HoloLens 2 and Nreal
  • REST API for the Immersal Cloud Service for use with any device
  • Pre-built app available on App Stores for mapping real-world locations
  • Capable of mapping even large city-scale areas, both indoors and outdoors
  • Extremely optimized map file format with a small file size
  • Private/Public maps with sharing options
  • Latitude, Longitude, and Altitude directly from visual positioning
  • Tag and search maps with GPS coordinates
  • Point clouds and textured meshes of the mapped spaces available
  • Supports multiple maps at the same time in the same space
  • Easy-to-use Unity samples with templates for indoor navigation and more
  • Detailed documentation to help developers get started
  • Develop Portal with a 3D Map viewer

New in version 1.18.x
  • Additions:
    Plugin for Magic Leap 2 (Enterprise license required)
  • Improvements:
    Increased robustness. Addressed false positives found with 1.17.
    Loading a map in Unity no longer freezes the application for the loading time.
  • Experimental:
    Faster parallel processing of server requests

Create a free account and download the Unity plugin from our Developer Portal.


Get the Immersal SDK

Want to add fast, accurate and battery-friendly AR features to your app?


1. Map

Use your the Immersal Mapper app on any mobile device to create a digital twin of a real-life environment.


2. Augment

Enrich the real world by adding digital layers and elements, for example in Unity. You can add any kind of data, interactive multiplayer elements, real-time navigation, and more.


3. Experience

Users can experience your project on any AR-capable mobile device or with glasses. Projects can be integrated into an app or run on a web browser.


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