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with Immersal AR SDK

Seamless integration, unmatched performance: Power your Augmented Reality with Immersal SDK's next level tools.

Why should you choose Immersal?

There are many reasons to choose Immersal's VPS. Here is a list of the top 10 according to our more than 10,000 developers: 

  1. Spatial mapping and localization accuracy: The robustness of our localization algorithms ensures that AR content remains stable and properly aligned with the physical environment.
  2. On-device or cloud-based localization: The platform's cloud-based approach allows for the storage and retrieval of spatial maps from the cloud. Save bandwidth and run offline with on-device localization. 
  3. Developer community and support: We have a growing community of developers (10,000+) and offer solid support, which is crucial for troubleshooting, sharing best practices, and staying updated on the latest developments in AR technology.
  4. Data ownership: You own spatial maps and the content you create, and decide where, how, and who can use it. 
  5. Compatibility with various devices: Immersal's SDK is compatible with almost any device with a camera, allowing for more flexibility in application development and deployment. We support most devices, including ARCore, ARKit, HoloLens, Magic Leap, XReal, Qualcomm Snapdragon Spaces, and others.
    BONUS: We also offer a great REST API so you can use almost all AR headsets available.
  6. Low latency: Immersal's VPS is designed to minimize latency, which is critical for maintaining the immersion and responsiveness of AR experiences, especially in interactive or real-time applications.
  7. Multi-user support and shared experiences: Immersal enables the creation of shared AR experiences where multiple users can interact with the same virtual objects in a physical world space. This feature is particularly useful for social AR applications, collaborative work, and interactive games.
  8. Point clouds and textured meshes: You have access to the point clouds and textured meshes of the space you have mapped at NO EXTRA COST!
  9. Scalability for Large Environments: It supports the mapping of large-scale environments, which is a significant advantage for AR projects that require extensive area coverage, such as outdoor AR experiences or large indoor venues like museums or warehouses.
  10. On-premise deployment: If your client doesn't want data to leave their servers, you can use our on-premise deployment.

Any questions about integrating Immersal's VPS?