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Immersal Messukeskus App Support Page

General advice

The idea is to start the app, point your device towards some markers (to make it understand where you are) and walk around to see fantastic and intriguing AR stuff. However sometimes things go wrong, but worry not, we like you so much that we have created a troubleshooting section. Here goes:

The app doesn’t start, I hate it!

Cause: The app isn’t meant for your device. We are sorry.


Fix: Buy a better and more expensive device. If you don’t have money, please work harder.

The app starts but it sucks because it doesn’t show any content!

Cause: Maybe you don’t have a network connection – or your app version or device is incredibly old.


Fix: Make sure you have a working network connection (either mobile data or wifi). Also make sure that you have the Settings -> General -> Date and time “Set automatically” option on. Your app version might also be too old for current content, so try updating (or even uninstalling and installing) it. Or maybe you should get a new gadget while you’re at it.

The AR objects move in strange ways or are not tied to real world!

Cause: The system doesn’t see or understand the markers for some reason.


Fix: Always try to show as many markers to your camera as you can, it could take a long time with just one marker visible. Try moving to a better location, where there are no objects between the marker and your camera. Make sure, that you are not too far from the markers. Cleaning the camera lens might help as well. Do note, that the shininess  of the markers can cause the machine vision not to recognize them, even though you as a human find it stupid. Markers look like this and are often hanging from the ceiling:

ArUco marker

ArUco marker

The AR objects move pretty well in sync with the real world, but they are shaky as hell.

Cause: Sometimes it takes a bit time for the tracking (=AR object placement) system to settle down after starting the app (usually there’s no shaking or it lasts up to 20 secs, sometimes even a minute or so).


Fix: It helps considerably if you show the system multiple markers simultaneously. Also turning around and showing it markers from all directions helps. We know that this sucks and we are working on this. Except Jufo, who’s womanizing. Again.

I cannot change from one layer to another, I feel neglected!

Cause: The system doesn’t feel you have the right to change layer right now.


Fix: Normally you should be able to change layer by either swiping or tapping on the layer name in the lower part of the screen. If you are in the middle of some other action, the layer change might be disabled. If you are e.g. actively navigating, please tap “Stop navigation” button before changing layer. You can do it!

I cannot use search, help me!

Cause: you are not viewing a layer that has search functionality or we have made it too difficult to use. Or maybe you have written something  to the search box and results are empty.


Fix: Make sure you are on the Exhibitors layer or another layer with search functionality. On the bottom you can find a nice search box, that you can type text to. If the search box is not visible, you might be navigating already, so please tap the “stop navigation” button to make it appear. In case the box already has some text, delete it. Then try just a couple of letters first, and you should get a list of available items (e.g. a company names etc.) Then you can click on an item on the list and a dialog box with “Navigate to” and “Back” will appear. You can use the “Back” to get back to the search and choose another item. Or you can click “Navigate to” to enter the navigation mode. If you have written too much search terms, no items might be visible in the list. In that case try to write a bit less. Also please try to enter the words in different languages – sometimes people write their descriptions only in their own language. May the wind be on your back!

Any other difficulties? Please contact support@immersal.com but remember that we are very important and busy persons and don’t necessarily answer right away. We are sorry for delays and/or world hunger.

Thank you, we love you!