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Immersal Ltd. Comes out of the Closet with a World’s First shared AR Platform for Large Spaces

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For Immediate release.

HELSINKI, Finland, Earth, November 30 — Immersal Ltd. Immersal just launched a shared augmented reality infotainment and ad platform for large spaces – a world first! Furthermore it disclosed information about its pilot customer Messukeskus Helsinki – the largest exhibition center in Finland boasting over one million visitors per year. The press conference at Slush is about to begin.

– ”Hello everyone! I am not very used to this, but we are about to disclose some actual information about Immersal. In a minute… That’s right about now. Just wait for it…” begins Mr. Niko Nyman CEO of Immersal, taking his time.

– ”We have developed an infotainment and ad AR system for large spaces – and it actually works! With it people can navigate, find friends, and get more info and entertainment during their visit to the venues. AR ads can also be sold by the venue, so we offer them a completely new revenue stream!”, explains Mr. Jufo Peltomaa, Head of Special Ops of Immersal enthusiastically. “This suits the needs of any large venue, e.g. shopping centers, exhibition centers, museums and stadiums can benefit from it!”

– ”But we can neither deny or confirm this.”, interrupts Mr. Niko Nyman.

– ”Why not?”, asks Mr. Peltomaa, puzzled.

– ”Companies in stealth mode cannot give out that kind of information”, says Mr. Nyman.

– ”But we are not in stealth mode anymore, we just came out with a product!”, retorts Mr. Peltomaa.

– ”What?”, asks Mr. Nyman.

–  “I’ll explain it to you later. We are free now! Let’s go get some beers to celebrate it!, suggests Mr. Peltomaa.

–  “Now you’re talking my language!”, answers Mr. Nyman, eyes glowing.

Both leave the stage running hand in hand. The media remains in the room, puzzled. It seems that the press conference is over.

For more or less information, please contact Mr. Jufo Peltomaa: jufo@immersal.com

About Immersal Ltd. Immersal Ltd. is a really secretive augmented reality company, rumored to concentrate on some form of infographics. If you have any information about Immersal Ltd., please contact Mr. Jufo Peltomaa (Co-founder, Head of Special Ops).

About the Messukeskus Helsinki Messukeskus Helsinki, Expo and Convention Centre promotes Finnish trade and industry by enabling profitable face-to-face contact in trade shows, congresses and other events.

For even less information, see: https://www.immersal.com

Mikko is the EVP Engineering at Immersal. He's a tech geek and also does electronic music.