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AR company Immersal’s board names Jufo Peltomaa as CEO – eyebrows raise

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August 24th, 2018

HELSINKI, FINLAND — Immersal Ltd. today announced that its Board of Directors has appointed Jufo Peltomaa as Chief Executive Officer effective 2018-08-17.

“This is the perfect time for Jufo Peltomaa to become Immersal’s next Chief Executive Officer. We’ve selected a strong leader at a time when Immersal is aggressively taking over the AR market,” said Immersal Chairman Pasi Joronen. “Peltomaa is a great AR visionary and strategist and gets crowds excited. When it comes to more down to earth CEO duties, we have Anttoni Vesterinen to back Peltomaa up. Anttoni has been the CEO of several startups and lead e.g. 750 people at Tieto. This is an excellent combination of creativity, enthusiasm and structure, it will take us far!”

Peltomaa is a co-founder of technology companies Hybrid Graphics and ZenRobotics and founded Immersal in 2015. In his past he has e.g. made the first commercial VR applications in Finland in 1995. He most recently served as Immersal’s vice president of business development. He has been a board member and the face of the company since the beginning. “I founded Immersal three years ago because I wanted to vanguard the AR revolution. Everyone else seems to be thinking either small or long term. I want the AR revolution to happen today. That’s why we are already up and running at customer sites with our AR tech,” said Peltomaa.

Immersal also announced that Rami Riihijärvi, the former CEO will first take care of the transition period and then leave the company. “It was a pleasure to lead Immersal and it’s sad to leave,” said Riihijärvi. “But now I feel that the founder of the company is a more natural choice for the CEO role. It’s worth noting that Peltomaa has also more experience in running technology companies – and Immersal has become almost purely a tech company in the last year or so.”

“We thank Rami Riihijärvi for his excellent service”, said Peltomaa. “Now it’s time to take the company to the next level: we will soon push out a visual positioning AR Cloud SDK that will change the face of AR business for good!”

The press conference is over. The lights dim. There’s a storm coming.

For additional assistance, journalists, investors and analysts may contact Jufo Peltomaa at jufo@immersal.com

Jufo Peltomaa

Mikko is the EVP Engineering at Immersal. He's a tech geek and also does electronic music.