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A new challenger emerges and reaches for the sky and the AR Cloud!

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A new challenger emerges and reaches for the sky and the AR Cloud!

From the land of mobile phones and games, Immersal joins the competition in the world of mobile multi-user AR.

With their groundbreaking proprietary technology, the team of Finnish developers bring users together for interactive and shared mobile AR experiences. The technology allows users to play and interact with each other and the digital content that retains its location in the real world across devices and over time.

Immersal’s multi-user platform has already been up and running for more than a year with Immersal’s pilot customer. Now with their new markerless technology, the company is ready to go global!

From games to social media and marketing to full-blown shopping experiences, Immersal’s proprietary, cross-platform technology will enable third parties to build content for the next generation of media.

About the company

Founded in late 2015, Immersal develops revolutionary AR technologies for persistent multi-user experiences on mobile devices. With a dream team of nine senior level game development, 3D graphics and business gurus, the company is tackling some of the hardest problems in AR space head on.

Immersal raised a seed round at the end of 2017 and is currently looking for investors for the next round of funding. Current investors include Presence Capital and Reaktor Ventures.

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Mikko is the EVP Engineering at Immersal. He's a tech geek and also does electronic music.