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Promising you a gift

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First of all thank you for being there. Instead of giving frivolous gifts to Immersals customers, partners and friends,  we decided to donate some money to Kummit, the children’s hospital foundation of Finland. As a reader you can also feel yourself as a contributor to that.


Our real gift to you will come in the new year, with the release of Immersal’s AR cloud SDK. Giving you the power to create unparalleled AR experiences.


The path to get us and the product to this point has not been a straight road. A year ago we were a company focused solely on delivering AR to large spaces leveraging off-the-shelf tools and technologies. The Messukeskus (the Helsinki Exhibition centre) application featuring content management, navigation, advertisement and entertainment functionalities for almost a year. The Messukeskus application was built on marker based technology though, which we realized was not going to be the future.


Looking for markerless technology to deploy on our next projects led us to realize was there was none. So we started our own  markerless technology in house, to support our own projects. Soon we decided to expand the effort to the productized SDK for the whole AR developer ecosystem. On the way we filed a patent and another one is in the process. As we are part of a very rapidly changing technology environment there have been many twists and turns leading us change scope off the SDK and to postpone the release several times. Now the private beta is out with first developers and Early Access is due soon (release location and date to be announced early January).


If you watched any of our promo videos, you’ve seen the diamond I’m holding in the greeting picture. It’s going to be part of the SDK release.


Happy holidays from all of us Immersials

Anttoni Vesterinen is the COO of Immersal and a nice dude.