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Bring the Clients Back to Brick & Mortar!

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Introduction: to Implode or Explode – That’s the Question

Do you have a store — or maybe thousands — and every day you have less and less feet, eyes, ears, hearts and wallets coming in? Maybe it’s because they have no reason to come. It’s so much faster, easier, convenient — and even social — to shop online at your nearest… Competitor! This unfortunate formula can — and currently is being — changed with Augmented Reality. And we are not talking about future, we are talking about yesterday. One of Immersal’s AR retail solutions has been up & running at Helsinki Exhibition Center since Jan 2017. Immersal Augmented Reality will make shopping easy, personal, social, and immersive experience — something that your competitors only dream of. Here are some of the key AR brick & mortar enablers making this advantage real:

  • Real time product search and navigation
  • Social interaction: e.g. like products and see what your friends have liked
  • Personification: e.g. If you are a vegan, see only vegan products highlighted.
  • Customer service at a level you have never seen before: AR chatbots, call clerck from AR, …
  • Extending the stores’ physical product selection with AR
  • Immersive product promotions

These and more will be covered in detail in my following blog posts.

As icing on the cake AR will save you money — loads of it. The savings come from the advantages of Augmented Reality on customer intelligence, store analytics and efficiency gains to mention some.

The hardcore AR technology, integration to web shops, mobile applications and background systems will be covered by other Immersal specialists — nice dudes as well.

Anttoni Vesterinen is the COO of Immersal and a nice dude.